VHF Marine Licence

To operate a Marine VHF Radio and to apply for a MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) number to operate the DSC (Digital Selective Calling) system, operators must hold a certificate of proficiency (licence) MRVOCP.

This includes VHF radios on Port Phillip and Western Port Bay, offshore sailing, charter boats and some overseas yacht charter holidays.

Online theory course approx 4 hours at home
Training and examine 2 hours


What you will learn…

  • Marine radio uses and communications
  • VHF equipment and how to communicate at sea
  • VHF repeater channels and shore stations
  • Distress, urgency & safety calling
  • Using a DSC-enabled radio and AIS
  • Emergency beacons and transponders
  • Power supplies for radio equipment

More info on the requirement to hold a Marine VHF Radio licence